Mutiny on the Bounty

1935 NR 2h 12m 7.6

First mate Fletcher Christian leads a revolt against his sadistic commander, Captain Bligh, in this classic seafaring adventure, based on the real-life 1789 mutiny.

Midshipman Roger Byam joins Captain Bligh and Fletcher Christian aboard HMS Bounty for a voyage to Tahiti. Bligh proves to be a brutal tyrant and, after six pleasant months on Tahiti, Christian leads the crew to mutiny on the homeward voyage. Even though Byam takes no part in the mutiny, he must defend himself against charges that he supported Christian.

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Info about Mutiny on the Bounty

Studio(s): Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

Originally Released: United States on Nov 22, 1935

Box Office Gross: $4,460,000.00

Budget: $1,950,000.00

Genres: Adventure, Drama, Biography, History, Romance