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Targeting audiences better

Our metrics and user interactions give us a unique ability to provide the best targeting of audiences. FairFan looks to track the way content is absorbed socially, how it's shared, and what relative content is also engaging. Finding the right audience for your content is easier with FairFan metrics because of our ability to see how things are shared and engaged with for streaming, social posts, news, and more.

User specific streaming guides

Using our social streaming data, we are able to deliver a unique experience for each user. This allows our users to automatically build a OTT app portfolio that best suites their streaming preferences without them having to manually set them, just by watching, rating, interacting, and sharing we can deliver a more personalized platform per user.

Exclusive user engagement metrics

Seeing how our users interact with your content is important for future content delivery methods. FairFan will help drill down exactly how users interact with streamable content online. Whether that's clips, sharing, commenting, or engaging in discussions we track what users are doing with each piece of watchable content in our platform.

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What Drives Us

At FairFan our goal is to provide you an unlimited entertainment experience with all of the social aspects that come with it. We believe that true influencers are the people you see in movies, TV series, sports, and music, and that these types of entertainment make up the majority of what people consume today in a positive way. Most of social media has become attention grabbing, and can often have a negative impact because of it. Our social media network is geared to bring you the things we know you enjoy watching and interacting with. Whether that's easily playing a movie or TV show, watching your favorite team, reading news about the people you follow, or listening to your favorite artist, FairFan aims to provide it all to you in one place without having to search or browse much.

Our platform is driven by the focus on providing users what to watch, without endless searching through various applications.

Replacing cable companies by providing one platform for all OTT apps to build an individual library.

Providing the first social entertainment platform focused on users interacting through streamable content.

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