All Quiet on the Western Front

1930 NR 2h 13m 8.1

A German youth eagerly enters World War I, but his enthusiasm wanes as he gets a firsthand view of the horror.

This is an English language film (made in America) adapted from a novel by German author Erich Maria Remarque. The film follows a group of German schoolboys, talked into enlisting at the beginning of World War 1 by their jingoistic teacher. The story is told entirely through the experiences of the young German recruits and highlights the tragedy of war through the eyes of individuals. As the boys witness death and mutilation all around them, any preconceptions about "the enemy" and the "rights and wrongs" of the conflict disappear, leaving them angry and bewildered. The film is not about heroism but about drudgery and futility and the gulf between the concept of war and the actuality.

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Info about All Quiet on the Western Front

Studio(s): Universal Pictures

Originally Released: United States on Aug 24, 1930

Box Office Gross: $3,270,000.00

Budget: $1,448,864.00

Genres: Drama, War