Smiling Friends

2020 - Present TV-MA 12m 8.5 100

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Follows employees of a small company dedicated to bringing happiness to a bizarre yet colorful world.

"Smiling Friends", a small company dedicated to bringing happiness to the world receives a simple request to help a woman's unhappy son smile again. They send Pim and Charlie to take on the task, but the job turns out to be more complicated than it seems. As this is happening, Allan searches the Smiling Friends office for his lost piece of cheese.

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Episode 1 Desmond's Big Day Out

1. Desmond's Big Day Out

Aired: Apr 1, 2020

A small company dedicated to bringing happiness to the world receives a simpl...

Episode 2 Mr. Frog

2. Mr. Frog

Aired: Jan 10, 2022

After beloved frog celebrity Mr. Frog gets into hot frog water, Pim and Charl...

Episode 3 Shrimp's Odyssey

3. Shrimp's Odyssey

Aired: Jan 10, 2022

When a pathetic shrimp calls the Smiling Friends hotline after being dumped, ...

Episode 6 Enchanted Forest

6. Enchanted Forest

Aired: Jan 10, 2022

Pim and Charlie are beckoned into the mysterious Enchanted Forest by a prince...

Episode 7 Frowning Friends

7. Frowning Friends

Aired: Jan 10, 2022

A rival business moves across the street, much to the Boss's dismay. Nuff said.

Info about Smiling Friends

Current Status: Returning Series

Network: Adult Swim

Genres: Comedy, Animation, Short