The Twilight Zone

1959 - 1964 TV-PG 51m 9.1

Ordinary people find themselves in extraordinarily astounding situations, which they each try to solve in a remarkable manner.

The Twilight Zone is a place that exists at any moment of time, of space or of mind....but always when you least expect it. When you find yourself in this realm of unlimited possibility, be careful what you say or do. The right decisions may help you find your way back out....sometimes with greater happiness and wealth. The wrong decisions often lead to madness and death, or an eternity trapped in this dimension. Tread warily past the sign post ahead that says you've entered, The Twilight Zone

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Episode 1 Where Is Everybody?

1. Where Is Everybody?

Aired: Oct 2, 1959

Mike Ferris finds himself alone in the small Oakwood town and without recolle...

Episode 2 One for the Angels

2. One for the Angels

Aired: Oct 9, 1959

A pitchman is visited by Mr. Death and is forced to get his priorities in order.

Episode 5 Walking Distance

5. Walking Distance

Aired: Oct 30, 1959

A man, fed up with where he's at in life, finds himself not only in his old h...

Episode 6 Escape Clause

6. Escape Clause

Aired: Nov 6, 1959

A hypochondriac man sells his soul to the devil, exchanging it for several th...

Episode 7 The Lonely

7. The Lonely

Aired: Nov 13, 1959

A convict, living alone on an asteroid, receives from the police a realistic ...

Episode 8 Time Enough at Last

8. Time Enough at Last

Aired: Nov 20, 1959

A henpecked book lover finds himself blissfully alone with his books after a ...

Episode 9 Perchance to Dream

9. Perchance to Dream

Aired: Nov 27, 1959

A fatigued man fights to stay awake as he explains to a psychiatrist that if ...

Episode 10 Judgment Night

10. Judgment Night

Aired: Dec 4, 1959

It's 1942, and a man finds himself on a ship in the Atlantic, not knowing who...

Episode 12 What You Need

12. What You Need

Aired: Dec 25, 1959

A small time crook plans to exploit an old street peddler who has the uncanny...

Episode 14 Third from the Sun

14. Third from the Sun

Aired: Jan 8, 1960

Two families of Government employees plan to steal a spaceship and travel to ...

Episode 16 The Hitch-Hiker

16. The Hitch-Hiker

Aired: Jan 22, 1960

A young woman driving cross-country becomes frantic when she keeps passing th...

Episode 17 The Fever

17. The Fever

Aired: Jan 29, 1960

A middle-aged man catches gambling fever from a slot machine that he believes...

Episode 18 The Last Flight

18. The Last Flight

Aired: Feb 5, 1960

A World War I British fighter pilot lands at an American air base in 1959 Fra...

Episode 19 The Purple Testament

19. The Purple Testament

Aired: Feb 12, 1960

A U.S. Army lieutenant serving in the Philippines during WWII develops a harr...

Episode 20 Elegy

20. Elegy

Aired: Feb 19, 1960

Three astronauts touch down on an asteroid, where they discover a world of pe...

Episode 21 Mirror Image

21. Mirror Image

Aired: Feb 26, 1960

While waiting in a bus station, Millicent Barnes has the strange feeling that...

Episode 26 Execution

26. Execution

Aired: Apr 1, 1960

When a 20th-century scientist tests out his time machine he accidentally retr...

Episode 27 The Big Tall Wish

27. The Big Tall Wish

Aired: Apr 8, 1960

An aging boxer finds himself the winner of a match he thought he had lost, th...

Episode 30 A Stop at Willoughby

30. A Stop at Willoughby

Aired: May 6, 1960

Tired of his miserable job and wife, a businessman starts dreaming on the tra...

Episode 31 The Chaser

31. The Chaser

Aired: May 13, 1960

A young man obsessed with winning over an uninterested beauty gets more than ...

Episode 33 Mr. Bevis

33. Mr. Bevis

Aired: Jun 3, 1960

After losing his job, his car and his apartment on the same day, an eccentric...

Episode 34 The After Hours

34. The After Hours

Aired: Jun 10, 1960

A woman is treated badly by some odd salespeople on an otherwise empty depart...

Episode 35 The Mighty Casey

35. The Mighty Casey

Aired: Jun 17, 1960

A down-and-out baseball team's fortunes are lifted by a mysterious but seemin...

Episode 36 A World of His Own

36. A World of His Own

Aired: Jul 1, 1960

A writer demonstrates he can control reality simply by dictating changes.

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Current Status: Ended

Network: CBS

Genres: Drama, Thriller, Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Fantasy