The Gentlemen

2024 TV-MA 50m 8.2

Eddie Halstead inherits a large estate from his father, unaware it fronts Pearson's drug empire. With no crime experience, he must take over the operation or lose the estate.

The series follows Eddie Halstead, who has inherited his father's sizeable estate only to discover that it's sitting on top of a weed empire owned by the legendary Mickey Pearson. Has this straight-up soldier got what it takes to master the dark arts of the British criminal underworld and take control of the entire operation?

The Gentlemen background


Episode 1 Refined Aggression

1. Refined Aggression

Aired: Mar 7, 2024

When the Duke of Halstead dies, his second son inherits everything, including...

Episode 2 Tackle Tommy Woo Woo

2. Tackle Tommy Woo Woo

Aired: Mar 7, 2024

The toffs and their gamekeeper hunt a new kind of prey. Susie enlists some he...

Episode 3 Where's My Weed At?

3. Where's My Weed At?

Aired: Mar 7, 2024

Jimmy gets distracted on the job. As supply chain issues delay deliveries, th...

Episode 6 All Eventualities

6. All Eventualities

Aired: Mar 7, 2024

Eddie's doubts about Susie continue to grow. But there's 15 million pounds of...

Episode 7 Not Without Danger

7. Not Without Danger

Aired: Mar 7, 2024

Bent on vengeance, Susie goes against her father's orders. Eddie offers to he...

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Info about The Gentlemen

Current Status: Returning Series

Network: Netflix

Genres: Comedy, Crime, Action