Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock

2022 - Present TV-G 25m 8

It follows the adventures of a group of cave-dwelling puppet creatures called Fraggles.

Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock background


Episode 1 The Great Wind

1. The Great Wind

Aired: Mar 28, 2024

Mysterious wind prompts Gobo's quest to unravel its source. Pa Gorg prohibits...

Episode 2 The Twisty-Turny-Thon

2. The Twisty-Turny-Thon

Aired: Mar 28, 2024

Gusties divert Red off track. Gobo hands down an artifact from Uncle Matt to ...

Episode 4 The Repeatee Birds

4. The Repeatee Birds

Aired: Mar 28, 2024

Boober's Radish Razzle disrupted by Fraggle Rock's division. Doc learns self-...

Episode 5 I'm Pogey

5. I'm Pogey

Aired: Mar 28, 2024

Wembley experiments self-expression. Junior finds his calling on Boxing Day w...

Episode 7 This For That

7. This For That

Aired: Mar 28, 2024

A new Fraggle's trading system spirals out of control after introducing it to...

Episode 8 Colder Boulders

8. Colder Boulders

Aired: Mar 28, 2024

Red's attempts to keep the gusties out creates microclimate mayhem. Pa and Ju...

Episode 9 The Great Radish Ball

9. The Great Radish Ball

Aired: Mar 28, 2024

Boober doesn't want his favorite night to it doesn't. Doc doesn't wa...

Episode 10 Fraggle Up

10. Fraggle Up

Aired: Mar 28, 2024

A dust storm kicks up a whirlwind of trouble—and emotions—for Gobo and the Fr...

Episode 12 Letting Go

12. Letting Go

Aired: Mar 28, 2024

The solution to the soil problem means Mokey must bid farewell to a cherished...

Episode 13 Hope and Socks

13. Hope and Socks

Aired: Mar 28, 2024

Red's optimism about the windmill fades. Gobo and Junior share a candid talk....

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Info about Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock

Current Status: Returning Series

Network: Apple TV+

Genres: Comedy, Adventure, Family, Fantasy, Musical