Come Out Fighting

2023 NR 1h 26m 4.1

Set during World War 2, a squad of American Army soldiers are sent on a mission behind lines to locate their missing commanding officer.

Set during WWII, in this military adventure thriller, a small, and a specialized squad of U.S. Army soldiers are sent on an unofficial rescue mission behind enemy lines to locate their missing commanding officer. The squad upon battling their way through their German defenses encounter more then they bargain for when they locate a downed U.S. Army fighter pilot. With the help of their friends at the 761st tank battalion helm, The squad must fend a way to survive and make it back in one piece with American peace.

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Info about Come Out Fighting

Studio(s): Schuetzle Company Productions

Originally Released: United States on May 19, 2023

Digital Release Date: May 19, 2023

Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama, History, Thriller, War