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The Equalizer

1985 - 1989 TV-PG 48m 7.8

A retired Intelligence Agent turned private detective helps various threatened clients to equalize the odds.

Robert McCall is "The Equalizer", a private detective with a lot of contacts who is available for hire if you have a problem that you don't know how to solve. His no-nonsense attitude, compassion, and experience with dealing with a wide variety of situations makes him a powerful and useful detective.


Episode 1 Pilot

1. Pilot

Aired: Sep 18, 1985

Disillusioned by his years as a spy, Robert McCall resigns from his job, dete...

Episode 2 China Rain

2. China Rain

Aired: Sep 25, 1985

A Chinatown gang kidnap whom they believe is the son of a wealthy Chinese-Ame...

Episode 3 The Defector

3. The Defector

Aired: Oct 2, 1985

McCall's attempt to help a former agent defect from the USSR goes badly, leav...

Episode 4 The Lock Box

4. The Lock Box

Aired: Oct 9, 1985

The Griffith family arrives in NYC on vacation from Duluth and things go wron...

Episode 5 Lady Cop

5. Lady Cop

Aired: Oct 16, 1985

A young New York City patrolwoman contacts McCall to help her take down a tri...

Episode 6 The Confirmation Day

6. The Confirmation Day

Aired: Oct 23, 1985

Prior to his confirmation, a boy hires McCall to protect his father who is ca...

Episode 7 The Children's Song

7. The Children's Song

Aired: Oct 30, 1985

On a camping trip, McCall and his estranged son Scott must band together to p...

Episode 8 The Distant Fire

8. The Distant Fire

Aired: Nov 6, 1985

McCall meets an old Agency colleague who now hires himself out as a killer. H...

Episode 9 Mama's Boy

9. Mama's Boy

Aired: Nov 13, 1985

A mother turns to McCall when she discovers her teenage son is working for a ...

Episode 10 Bump and Run

10. Bump and Run

Aired: Nov 20, 1985

McCall searches for a vigilante who is killing criminals in his name. Meanwhi...

Episode 11 Desperately

11. Desperately

Aired: Dec 4, 1985

A bored housewife is dared by her friend to pick up a guy which she does. He ...

Episode 12 Reign of Terror

12. Reign of Terror

Aired: Dec 11, 1985

A doctor takes over an inner city clinic, upon arriving she discovers that th...

Episode 13 Back Home

13. Back Home

Aired: Dec 18, 1985

McCall is called by the tenants of an apartment building who are terrorized s...

Episode 14 Out of the Past

14. Out of the Past

Aired: Jan 15, 1986

McCall's ex-wife asks for his help when her current husband is threatened by ...

Episode 15 Dead Drop

15. Dead Drop

Aired: Jan 22, 1986

McCall assembles a team of former colleagues to help an innocent bystander in...

Episode 16 Wash-Up

16. Wash-Up

Aired: Jan 29, 1986

Two window-washers who want to form a union ask for McCall's help when they a...

Episode 17 Torn

17. Torn

Aired: Feb 5, 1986

McCall finds his attention divided when Jason Mazer from The Agency offers hi...

Episode 18 Unnatural Causes

18. Unnatural Causes

Aired: Feb 12, 1986

A serial killer is targeting New York's lonely single women who respond to a ...

Episode 19 Breakpoint

19. Breakpoint

Aired: Feb 19, 1986

While attending a wedding, McCall is taken hostage by Middle Eastern terroris...

Episode 20 No Conscience

20. No Conscience

Aired: Mar 5, 1986

A womanizer is grabbed by some people who demand that he give them something ...

Episode 21 Unpunished Crimes

21. Unpunished Crimes

Aired: Apr 1, 1986

A man goes to the CEO of a corporation and accuses them of stealing his inven...

Episode 22 Pretenders

22. Pretenders

Aired: Apr 8, 1986

McCall helps a rookie reporter who suspects her new neighbor of criminal acti...

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The Equalizer, Complete Collection Excerpt

The Equalizer, Complete Collection Excerpt

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Seasons: 4

Network: CBS

Production Countries: Canada, United States

Genres:Drama, Crime, Thriller, Mystery, Action