2006 - 2012 TV-MA 11m 8.3

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The epic and over-the-top adventures of Dethklok, the world's most successful death metal band.

Dethklok is the biggest, baddest, and most famous heavy metal band in the world. The quintet, consisting of Americans Nathan Explosion (vocals), William Murderface (bass), and Pickles the Drummer, along with Scandinavian guitarists Toki Wartooth and Skwisgaar Skwigelf, have to deal with their fame and other situations in their lives, all the while being monitored by a government organization out to destroy them.

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Episode 1 The Curse of Dethklok

1. The Curse of Dethklok

Aired: Aug 6, 2006

Dethklok performs at the Arctic Circle. Problems ensue when their chef gets d...

Episode 2 Dethwater

2. Dethwater

Aired: Aug 13, 2006

Dethklok record an album in a nuclear submarine in the Mariana trench. The go...

Episode 3 Birthdayface

3. Birthdayface

Aired: Aug 20, 2006

It's Murderface's birthday and the band must find the most metal gift ever fo...

Episode 4 Dethtroll

4. Dethtroll

Aired: Aug 27, 2006

Dethklok unleashes a troll that wreaks havoc across Finland, and forces the b...

Episode 5 Dethkomedy

5. Dethkomedy

Aired: Sep 3, 2006

Dethklok try stand-up comedy routines, but Pickles struggles with stage frigh...

Episode 6 Dethfam

6. Dethfam

Aired: Sep 10, 2006

Dethklok spend a week with their families, with brutal results.

Episode 7 Performance Klok

7. Performance Klok

Aired: Sep 17, 2006

After an on-stage fight, the band hires an effeminate, insane psychiatrist to...

Episode 8 Snakes 'n' Barrels

8. Snakes 'n' Barrels

Aired: Sep 24, 2006

Pickles reunites with his old band Snakes and Barrels, while the Council plot...

Episode 9 Mordland

9. Mordland

Aired: Oct 1, 2006

Dethklok's home Mordland opens its gates for visitors on Deth Fan Day. The fa...

Episode 11 Skwisklok

11. Skwisklok

Aired: Oct 15, 2006

Skwisgar puts on a TV special called the Advanced Fast Hand Finger Wizard Mas...

Episode 13 Go Forth and Die

13. Go Forth and Die

Aired: Oct 29, 2006

Nathan attempts to get his GED, while Murderface competes in a spelling bee.

Episode 14 Bluesklok

14. Bluesklok

Aired: Nov 5, 2006

After a non-show, Dethklok travels south to learn the blues from the world's ...

Episode 15 Religionklok

15. Religionklok

Aired: Nov 12, 2006

After Murderface suffers a near fatal motorcycle accident, he decided to find...

Episode 16 Dethkids

16. Dethkids

Aired: Nov 19, 2006

Toki grows tired of his childish persona and turns demonic. A terminally ill ...

Episode 17 Dethclown

17. Dethclown

Aired: Nov 26, 2006

Toki befriends Dr. Rockso, the coke-snorting rock & roll clown, much to the c...

Episode 18 Girlfriendklok

18. Girlfriendklok

Aired: Dec 3, 2006

Nathan becomes 'whipped' by his new girlfriend Rebecca and his band mates try...

Episode 19 Dethstars

19. Dethstars

Aired: Dec 10, 2006

The band star in a feature film called "Blood Ocean" which they screen on an ...

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