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Fake or Fortune

2011 - Present NR 1h 03m 8.6

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Journalist Fiona Bruce teams up with art expert Philip Mould to investigate mysteries behind paintings.

Fiona Bruce and Philip Mould attempt to prove the provenance of works of art using experts, scientific methods and plain old detective work. Proving the provenance however, does not mean their findings will be accepted by the art world, which can be exclusive, snobbish and elitist.

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Episode 1 Elisabeth Frink

1. Elisabeth Frink

Aired: Sep 26, 2023

A sculpture found at a car-boot sale in Essex bears striking similarities to ...

Episode 2 Joshua Reynolds

2. Joshua Reynolds

Aired: Oct 3, 2023

A painting bought from an online auction in Monaco described as 'in the style...

Episode 3 Cezanne and Pissarro

3. Cezanne and Pissarro

Aired: Oct 10, 2023

Could two simple sketches be by great French artists Pissarro and Cezanne? Th...

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