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The Survivor

1981NR1h 38m5.1

When a pilot becomes the sole survivor of an airliner crash, he works with a psychic and a priest to unmask the culprit behind the incident and pacify the vengeful souls of the victims.

Keller is an experienced pilot whose plane crashes in a field near a town. He ends up being the sole survivor, but he's unable to remember what happened that caused the plane to crash. He also can't explain how come he's the only one who survived without even a scratch while everyone else on board died. A local female psychic, Hobbs, who's been having visions ever since the night of the crash, and Keller's own sense of survivor's guilt convince Keller that he needs to get to the bottom of things. Meanwhile, some of the children killed in the crash begin appearing to some of the locals and an eerie series of strange deaths occurs. Keller and Hobbs approach the local priest, who seem to be the only one in town who believes in Keller's innocence and Hobbs disturbing visions.

Info about The Survivor

Studio(s): Crystal Films, Pact Productions

Originally Released: Jul 09, 1981

Production Country: Australia

Genres:Horror, Mystery, Thriller, Fantasy