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The Heart of Justice

1992NR1h 28m5.3

A rich and famous writer of trash novels is shot and the killer suicides. A golden boy reporter gets the story 30 minutes later. He investigates the disturbed killer, his cute sister and rich parents for a "why".

An investigative reporter covers the murder/suicide of Elliot Burgess, a disturbed young man who is caught in a spiral by a famous author and the web of secrets Elliot's sister hides to protect their wealthy family's name. When the story unfolds that Elliot was the center inspiration of the author's next novel, the reporter find himself caught in the sister's web as well.

Info about The Heart of Justice

Studio(s): Turner Pictures, Amblin Television

Originally Released: Oct 14, 1992

Production Country: United States

Genres:Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller