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The Railway Children


1968 BBC adaptation of the evergreen E. Nesbit story.


Episode 1 The Visitors

1. The Visitors

Aired: May 12, 1968

When their father is taken away on Christmas Day by two gentlemen from the Fo...

Episode 2 The Coalminers

2. The Coalminers

Aired: May 19, 1968

The children discover that a nearby field backs onto the railway line. They w...

Episode 3 The Message

3. The Message

Aired: May 26, 1968

Bobbie catches Peter stealing coal from the station shed to keep their mother...

Episode 4 The Foreign Gentleman

4. The Foreign Gentleman

Aired: Jun 2, 1968

One day a ragged man staggers off the train at Oakworth, babbling in French. ...

Episode 5 The Secret

5. The Secret

Aired: Jun 9, 1968

When the children ask around the town for birthday presents for Perks and are...

Episode 6 The Rescue

6. The Rescue

Aired: Jun 16, 1968

Knowing her father is innocent, Bobbie enlists the help of Parks and hands hi...

Episode 7 The Meeting

7. The Meeting

Aired: Jun 23, 1968

The children find their 'hound with a broken leg. The boy, Jim, is taken to T...

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Current Status: Ended

Network: BBC One