Lab Rats

2012 - 2016 TV-Y7 22m 6.7

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A scrawny 14-year-old, having discovered his inventor stepdad has three bionic, super-powered teens living cloistered in a secret lab beneath their home, brings them out into the world.

When 14-year-old Leo's mom Tasha Dooley marries billionaire inventor Donald Davenport, he moves up in the world, but neither he nor his mom in their wildest dreams imagine that Leo will soon find three bionic super-powered teenagers - Adam, Bree and Chase - living within a secret lab beneath the inventor's expansive home. Now Leo has three older "siblings" to watch out for him while he introduces them to the outside world. School life and super-adventures await them all.

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Episode 3 Commando App

3. Commando App

Aired: Mar 5, 2012

Donald permits his bionic teens to attend high school, but getting on the bad...

Episode 4 Leo's Jam

4. Leo's Jam

Aired: Mar 12, 2012

A dance is coming up, and Adam and Chase strive to help Leo look heroic to ca...

Episode 5 Rats on a Train

5. Rats on a Train

Aired: Mar 19, 2012

A runaway train presents the bionic superteens their first practical test.

Episode 7 Smart and Smarter

7. Smart and Smarter

Aired: Apr 23, 2012

A less-than-perfect grade prompts super-smart Chase to run for Student of the...

Episode 8 Bionic Birthday Fail

8. Bionic Birthday Fail

Aired: May 7, 2012

The Davenport teens decide to throw Leo a surprise birthday bash. Surprisingl...

Episode 12 Chip Switch

12. Chip Switch

Aired: Jun 28, 2012

After exchanging their super-abilities with one another, the superteens accid...

Episode 13 Drone Alone

13. Drone Alone

Aired: Jul 5, 2012

When Donald and Tasha leave for a trip to Australia they leave Leo & the bion...

Episode 14 Chore Wars

14. Chore Wars

Aired: Jul 12, 2012

The bionic kids learn about chores, allowances, money and greed and conduct a...

Episode 16 Air Leo

16. Air Leo

Aired: Oct 8, 2012

While Leo aims to take on the 5-time school one-on-one basketball champ with ...

Episode 18 Mission Invisible

18. Mission Invisible

Aired: Oct 22, 2012

The bionic teens are in danger of exposure when Principal Perry's newly insta...

Episode 19 Concert in a Can

19. Concert in a Can

Aired: Oct 29, 2012

Jealousy arises when new student Marcus bonds quickly with Adam and Chase and...

Episode 20 Mission: Space

20. Mission: Space

Aired: Nov 5, 2012

Marcus wheedles himself into staying with the Davenports over the same weeken...

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Current Status: Ended

Network: Disney XD

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Family, Sci-Fi, Action