I Shouldn't Be Alive

2005 - 2012 TV-PG 1h 00m 8.1

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Re-enactments of real-life tales of human survival against the savage elements, dangerous climates and physical hazards.

From the producers of "Touching the Void", this show features accounts of individuals and groups caught in dangerous scenarios, presented both through interviews and dramatic re-enactments. The main focus is how the survivors survived and the decisions they made that kept them alive; not who survived and who died.

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Episode 1 Shark Survivor

1. Shark Survivor

Aired: Oct 28, 2005

In October 1982, 5 people got caught in a tropical storm. When their yacht si...

Episode 2 Lost in the Snow

2. Lost in the Snow

Aired: Nov 4, 2005

A young couple and their 5-month-old baby get lost and trapped in a severe bl...

Episode 4 Swept Away

4. Swept Away

Aired: Nov 18, 2005

When 2 best friends take a Kayaking trip, they are hoping for nothing less th...

Episode 6 Jaws of Death

6. Jaws of Death

Aired: Dec 2, 2005

A conservationist survives an airplane crash in Zimbabwe. Suffering severe in...

Episode 8 Ice Cave Survivor

8. Ice Cave Survivor

Aired: Mar 17, 2006

US Air Force pilot Mike Couillard takes his ten-year-old son Matthew skiing i...

Episode 9 Shipwrecked

9. Shipwrecked

Aired: Mar 24, 2006

Cousins Mark and Rob go on a fishing trip on the Sea of Cortez, when they fin...

Episode 10 Alaskan Avalanche

10. Alaskan Avalanche

Aired: Mar 31, 2006

Two climbers and close friends are scaling an ice-wall near Alaska's Mount Jo...

Episode 11 Lost at Sea

11. Lost at Sea

Aired: Jun 9, 2006

Two sons with their dads decide a fishing trip to Mexico would be a great way...

Episode 12 Crash in a Volcano

12. Crash in a Volcano

Aired: Jun 16, 2006

When a Hollywood camera crew set out to film an active volcano they end up in...

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Current Status: Ended

Network: Discovery

Genres: Drama, Documentary, History, Biography